Write letters! Participate in a family-friendly bike ride! Or join us for longer rides as we deliver letters around the region. Join us in taking action on environmental issues!

Earth Day Pedal Post is a local initiative to promote environmental engagement by gathering environmentally-themed letters from local citizens and delivering them to our government representatives via bicycle (April 20th and 22nd).  We are asking for your participation, through writing letters, and, if you would like, through joining us for the bicycle rides to deliver the letters.

Schedule for Saturday April 20th

  • 12:00 PM Blacksburg Farmers Market
    • Letter Delivery to Blacksburg Town Council, Mayor, and Delegate Chris Hurst
  • 12:30 PM Blacksburg Public Library
    • Start of Family Friendly Ride along the Huckleberry Trail
  • 1:30 PM Coal Mining Heritage Park, Merrimac (along Huckleberry Trail)
    • Letter Delivery to Montgomery County Board of Supervisors
  • 2:00 PM Coal Mining Heritage Park, Merrimac
    • Family Friendly Ride back to Blacksburg Public Library

The Pedal Post is intended to be a positive and non-partisan event. We want to make sure that all Pedal Post participants and elected officials enjoy the event. We feel that this will help us best represent the environment and have the biggest impact.

This event is in partnership with Sustainable Blacksburg

Copyright 2019, Earth Day Pedal Post
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